Sebby Writes

I enjoy scribbling small pieces on my random thoughts and occasionally write opinion pieces on some topics that interest me. I used to write poems in Burmese in my twenties but I can’t seem to write them anymore. But from time to time, I try to dabble back into poetry or broken proses in English.

I have never been properly trained to be a writer and I won’t claim myself as a writer, yet, either. I attended two workshops for creative writing class and apart from that I’m a work in progress. Still learning to write more to express my thoughts and feelings through words.

Here are some of my random thoughts transformed into written words and a few opinion pieces I would like to share with some of you. A couple of short stories and poems are included, as well.

Support Indie Publishers in the time of Coup

A few years ago, it was a great joy to see many new indie publishers sprouted in Burmese literature scene. From these publishing houses, several emerging writers (young and old) got published. I was pleased to find out many new contemporary writers with various genres.

2021 Myanmar Protests & 2019 Hong Kong Protests

In my previous post, I wrote my reflections on Antony Dapiran’s book, City on Fire: the Fight for Hong Kong. While I was reading it, I saw many similarities between Hong Kong’s protests and Myanmar’s. 2021 political movements.

Spring Awakening Thoughts 2

I’ve seen many comments from international communities sharing their concerns and support for Myanmar people regarding the recent events occurring in my country.

Spring Awakening Thoughts

From the first day of the coup by the military, the voice of Burmese from several parts of the world are echoing through various social media platforms.

At Once (translation)

My feeble attempt on translating a poem by Maung Thein Zaw from the latest anthology of his poems.

Coup in Myanmar

Myanmar army seized power this morning in a coup against the democratically elected government.


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