Spring Awakening Thoughts

Sebby Read 3-Finger

From the first day of the coup by the military, the voice of Burmese from several parts of the world are echoing through various social media platforms. You might question why many of us didn’t take any action when the military was killing other ethnic groups. Only a few stood up for them and the voices were not erupting like now. Our voices were not loud enough. Some activities like donating money and other essential items to IDP camps and for those who were affected by the civil war were done. Other than that, we didn’t try hard enough. 

Why? Because we‘re comfortable with our privilege. We took our privilege for granted until it is revoked. Accept it. It’s the bitter truth. You can’t blame other ethnic groups for not trying enough right now. Consider what you were doing when military was rampaging their towns and villages. Where were you when their blood had been shed?

This is the awakening moment for all of us to be united and be aware that our democracy is fragile. Stand up together with everyone in the country regardless of race and religion and let our voices be heard. Condemn the military coup and dictatorship. Participate and support the Social Disobedience Movement. Boycott the businesses owned and backed by the military.

To all Myanmar people who has the platform, use it effectively to raise our voices and demand our rights. And to those ignorant fools who are complaining about how your so called daily privileged activities are interrupted, I beg you to be empathetic. Remember many people in war inflicted areas constantly worry for their livelihood as it is being threaten everyday. They have very limited access to their healthcare and education let alone internet and other digital devices like you do. Your life is in chaos for 5 days but for them it has been several years, even decades.

Regardless, when you ask people to participate in this movement, call them in instead of calling them out.

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