Sam Smith’s Palace

rain drops

It’s not bad to still love someone, I guess. We carry love for so many people in our life we may never see again. In instance like us, we run out of what-ifs cause we’ve seen all the scenarios and it still ended the way it did. Yet these what-ifs keep bugging us every now and then.

Perhaps the anticipation of one epic alienating what-if to amend the horribly wrong history of us is somewhat between—I don’t know—hopeful and crazy? We shouldn’t be beating ourself up thinking there’s anything that could’ve been done differently or better.

It was never an abusive relationship, but you gotta agree it’s somehow toxic for both of us.

tangled thoughts with some lyrics from Sam Smith’s Palace while my car was caught in traffic..

~ I’m gonna miss you, I'm still there..
        sometimes I wish we never built this palace..
                           but real love is never a waste of time...

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