One Song

days like this

I bet we all have a One Song that we listen to when every single piece on earth does not make sense or we are just too afraid of the fact that they make sense but couldn’t believe the situation we get into. At such time, we listen to that One Song cause it’s the only thing that could possibly keep us sane. Do you have One Song? And do remember your encounter with your One Song?

I found out my One Song while I was watching the movie As Good As It Gets several years back. When Jack Nicholson went on a road trip with Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear, Jack’s character put on some music as an icebreaker and Days Like This by Van Morrison was played. I remember I was beaming with joy once I heard it. From this instant, I’ve been in love with that song and it had become my One Song.

It gives me pure joy whenever I listen to it. When I had a very bad day at my last job, this song was played to unwind the day. A few years back when I was having troubles, I listened to it to uplift my spirit. Whenever I had a huge argument with someone or I had disappointed someone, I listened to it as an antidote.

Do you have One Song? And do remember how you encounter it?

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