Missing the Life Before Covid-19

sebbyreads at river kwai
Sebby reading a book by the famous River Kwai in Thailand back in 2017

What do you miss most about normal life or before Covid-19 became a global pandemic? Wait, are these gonna be the terms we’ll use from now on, before-Covid and after-Covid? Let’s hope we can use the latter soon.

For me, I miss my occasional long walk in the evening, visiting bookstores (and getting my ordered books shipped from overseas fast or in time), cafe hopping and gallery hopping at the weekend, travelling (duh!), strolling around downtown at night after a few drinks (it’s nice, you should try sometimes), and having face to face conversation with random people.

Recently, Covid-19 positive cases surged significantly in Myanmar. Not just my country, I believe most of us are in same situation struggling with new normal. 

We all are in this together. Please be responsible, be cautious, be prepared, and most importantly, be safe.

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