A Blue Night

My Blue Night

My short story ‘A Blue Night’ is featured on 40th issue of Anak Sastra, a SEAsia based online literary journal. 

I wrote that short story several moons ago and I had revised it multiple times. When I saw a submission call from Anak Sastra, I tried my luck by submitting it to them. My anticipation was quite low but when I received the email from the editor that my story was accepted and to be published in its next issue, I was elated and motivated to write more.

Here’s a brief excerpt of the story.

It was just another Friday night. The rain had stopped, but the streets were still a little busy. Nick was hanging out with his colleagues at a pub nearby his office. A few rounds of drinks later, he started to feel like the music was getting too loud and that the conversation between his two colleagues was unbearable. He needed a break, so he left for a cigarette. Outside of the pub, he could still hear the music, so he took his time and enjoyed the solitude.

He heard a clap of thunder and right before he put out his cigarette, he heard approaching footsteps. A woman in a blue dress was walking towards him with a cigarette between her two fingers.

With a half-smile she asked, ‘Do you have a lighter? I can't find mine.’

With a simple nod, he crushed his finished cigarette with his shoe and took his 90 cent lighter out of his pocket and handed it to her. Uninvited wind gusted through and made her wavy hair dance wildly, yet with such poise. She blurted out a nervous giggle as she couldn't light her cigarette. He cupped his palms near her face to cover the wind. In that slight moment, the music from the bar changed to ‘Porcelain’ by Moby. Within the first few seconds, they both voiced ‘ahh’ with utter joy. They looked at each other and laughed.

‘I love this song,’ she exclaimed. Nick smiled and said, ‘likewise.’ Who doesn't like that song, he thought.

You can read the entire story and 40th Issue of Anak Sastra at here. It’s free to download.

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