Happy Birthday Murakami–san

Murakami Birthday 2021 A

“There are three types of emotional wounds: those that heal quickly, those that take a long time to heal, and those that remain with you until you die. I think one of the major roles of fiction is to explore as deeply and in as much detail as possible the wounds that remain. Because those are the scars that, for better or for worse, define and shape a person’s life. And stories—effective stories, that is—can pinpoint where a wound lies, define its boundaries (often, the wounded person isn’t actually aware that it exists), and work to heal it.”

– Haruki Murakami, (excerpt from the article ‘Haruki Murakami on Parallel Realities‘ featured in the New Yorker)

Happy 72nd Birthday Murakami–san. Thank you so much for writing several brilliant stories for many of us to fall in love with. Through your unique way of storytelling and vibrant spectrum of metaphorical proses, we find the beauty of individuality, the appreciation towards one’s scars and vulnerability as well as the mysterious possibilities beyond our imagination in this world. You are undeniably a rare, precious gem.

Question: Are you planning to read any books by Murakami this year? I haven’t read 1Q84. I’ve been putting it off for a few years and my lame excuse is the book is too heavy and I can’t hold for a long time. It is true though. Combination of three books with a total of 1318 pages, I’m too scrawny to hold this book for long hours. But I will try to read it this year.

Murakami Birthday 2021 B
a few of Murakami bookstagram I posted in the past
Murakami Birthday 2021 C
Murakami Diary 2020

P.S. I’ve read Norwegian Wood and Kafka on the Shore but not in the photos. I lent these books to my then gf and didn’t get back after the breakup. For some unfathomable reasons, I haven’t tried to get it back nor purchased new copies. Have you ever lost your (favourite) books through a relationship?

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