Noe Noe & Yogaso by Nobel Aung

Noe Noe & Yogasoe 01

Noe Noe & Yogaso (နိုးနိုးနဲ့ရုက္ခစိုး) is a delightful Myanmar comic about a girl named Noe Noe and her encounter with a Yogasoe*, a deity of a plant who has the power to transform into any appearance. Written and illustrated by Nobel Aung (နိုဘယ်အောင်), this comic is filled with 90’s nostalgia. Both Noe Noe’s family life and school life are beautifully told whereas the wittiness of Yogosoe is hilarious to read. Besides, the illustration is satisfyingly detailed and looks very aesthetic.

I haven’t read Myanmar comic for several years and this comic book is such a throwback to my youth. The story is equally joyful and uplifting. From the attires of the characters to the dialogues (jokes and rhymes) spoken, as well as small items used by the character are packed with the 90’s. Kudos for being artistically detail-oriented, too. 

Presented by Pencell Studio and published by Pencell Books, this is the first volume of Noe Noe & Yogasoe comic series. It was written in Burmese and hope it soon will get translated into English. And btw, Respect to the team for having ISBN for this book!! Though it may not seem like an issue in other countries, I seldom (almost never) see Burmese books with ISBN.

It was such a fun read and I was beaming from ear to ear the whole time.

* (In Myanmar, Yogasoe [ရုက္ခစိုး], a tree god or a tree spirit, is a supernatural being considered divine or sacred.

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