Scribd Subscription

Scribd Subscription

I just subscribed Scribd this weekend and am enjoying it!!

Scribd is a reading platform with millions of books, audiobooks, podcasts, documents and a few magazines, snapshots as well as sheet music. The subscription fees is $8.99 per month with first month free trial. Along with Scribd subscription, you have privilege to get free subscription from some other paid applications such as MUBI, CONtv+Comics, CuriosityStream, Peak Pro and FarFaria. Being a minor nerd to some European and indie films, getting MUBI free along with Scribd totally worth the monthly subscription fees.

There are some bookstores in Yangon with almost zero chance of getting latest English books or has limited variety of books—only classic and mainstream famous books. There are very few libraries which mainly have with decade old books. With Covid-19 pandemic, international flights are restricted and it’s getting hard to get books delivered to my city from oversea, as well.

So, currently Scribd is my saviour and enjoying its books, features and extra perks (MUBI)!!

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