Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo

Girl Woman Other

Finished reading this spectacularly magnificent novel, Girl, Woman, Other by brilliant Bernardine Evaristo. It told the stories of multiple black female characters of different ages and sexuality from different backgrounds living in the UK.

Through edifying yet witty storytelling, Evaristo ingeniously ventures into various issues of sexism, racism, sexualism, activism as well as the political correctness in present world, bombardment in reality and social media for raising your voice or simply for being your true self.

In four chapters, the stories of twelve strong women are told in loud and vivid narrative. Loud as in loud enough to raise awareness towards the reader, not in a noisy and irritable tone. Vivid like the colourful spectrum of light. Each character is phenomenally brave and opinionated, daring to challenge their own prerogatives. These diverse stories are harmoniously interwoven and eventuate into one vibrantly beautiful tapestry in whole.

Although it was written by one person, the novel has impeccable narrations of diverse women with multitude of voices portraying such complex characters. The uttermost favourite thing about this book is Evaristo’s depiction of her characters with such benevolence. Despite being enthusiastic, each character has a flaw showing how humane they are, like all of us.

The language is striking and proses are entertaining. Although I was quite taken aback by its bizarre punctuation—the lack of periods (full stops). I only found two or three in the entire book. A little redundant in some stories to me personally but the ceaseless narrative took me through the end effortlessly.

The deserving (joint) winner of the Booker Prize 2019. Funny, brilliant, moving and thought provoking.

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