Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong

Ocean Vuong - Night Sky 01

Overwhelmingly and voluntarily lost after reading this.

Lost as in the state of losing every plausible reason of your existence; having no idea of the time and space you’re currently in; oblivious to your surrounding and any occurrence at the moment.

Night Sky with Exit Wounds is a collection of poems by Ocean Vuong exploring the grounds of love and loss, grief, conflict, memory and desire. Vuong’s eloquent poetry of rippling stories are blooming with vast expressive proses.

“How sweet. That rain. How something that lives only to fall can be nothing but sweet.”


“& so what–if my feathers
are burning. I
never asked for flight.” 


“Some nights you are the lighthouse / some nights the sea / what this means is that I don't know / desire other than the need / to be shattered & rebuilt”

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