Suicidal Intent on Monday by Yay Aye

Suicidal Intent on Monday

Suicidal Intent on Monday (တနင်္လာနေ့မှာ ကိုယ့်ကိုယ်ကိုယ်သတ်သေရန် ကြံစည်ခြင်း) by Yay Aye (ရေအေး) is a story of a psychotherapist who struggles with his own distress after the death of his mother. Since his mother was a cancer patient, he was somewhat prepared or expected of her departure. When she committed suicide, it was so sudden that he lost his balance for a bit.

Although he tries to carry on with his life and continues seeing patients, his mind was inundated with suicidal thoughts. Being a psychotherapist himself, he tends to psychoanalyse people around him. But he mainly analyses his own thoughts and reasons with each of them perhaps he has the need to give himself justification for his thoughts or could be out of habits from his work, as well.

Through the mind of the narrator, Yay Aye shares about countless thoughts and emotions a person goes through within a brief moment. And how it could lead to myriad of other thoughts and actions. The book imparts a great deal of knowledge to the readers about our stream of consciousness and how swiftly it flows.

It is a good portrayal of people who tend to overthink or overanalyse. By telling stories of two different characters as the patients of the protagonist, the writer showcases other plausible reasons behind one’s attempt to suicide. Very absorbing read indeed with coherent and immaculate storytelling.

As an (occasional) over thinker/analyser myself, it is interesting to read how the protagonist assimilates the incoming information differently. Some of us tend to overthink without even realising it. It’s not that the habit of analysing things is bad but when our mind is too occupied with one single issue and it’s consuming too much of your time and energy, that’s not good in long term. So for the sake of our own good, we gotta acquire knowledge through experience.

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