Books by Erich Segal

Erich Segal Books

Have you guys read Erich Segal’s books before? I was first introduced to Erich Segal’s work by the Burmese translation of his novel ‘The Class’ in 2002. I really enjoyed it and I craved to read it in English but it wasn’t available in my country at that time.

Three years later, when I studied abroad, I borrowed it from school’s library within the first few weeks. I loved it immensely and knew that I had to buy a copy of my own. Turned out it was pretty hard to find that book. It was around 2006 and I wasn’t familiar with ordering books online at that time. Anyway, it took me 4 days of rampaging in six bookstores to get a copy of The Class. When the semester break came, I read it again and realized that I have to try out his other books.

So I picked up Segal’s famous ‘Love Story’ which was sweet and lovely yet vividly heartbreaking, as well. Then I read its sequel, ‘Oliver’s Story’ and it wasn’t as good as previous two books I read but still an enjoyable read. ‘Doctors’ was yet another impeccable love story by Segal and in this book, it was through the eyes of doctors. ‘Acts of Faith’ told a forbidden love story amongst three characters with different backgrounds met as children and how their lives intertwined to one another.

Unfortunately, I no longer have my copy of Love Story. I lent it to my then girlfriend and I didn’t get it back when we broke up. I lost about 6 books in such way. Shouldn’t there be a prenup for two people dating? You know, only for the purpose of getting back the books the other party borrowed. I know I can buy the lost books back but some are very unique editions.

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