John Boyne’s Books

John Boyne Books

Have you read any books by John Boyne? Do you like it?

I was first introduced by his famous The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. That was one heart breaking read although I watched the movie first. Then I picked Stay Where You Are & Then Leave which is also a story about a young boy in search for his father during World War I. Both books gave heart wrenching narrations from young boy’s perspective.

A few years later, I happened to read his other works; A Ladder to the Sky and A History of Loneliness. These two books set totally different tone from the former two. Much more deeper into the adult world and the pace was fast with mystery and drama. A Ladder to the sky is about an aspiring writer who would do anything to get his name famous. On the other hand, A History of Loneliness told the horrendous story of priests molesting young boys in churches. Both are equally thrilling to read.

I had yet to read The Heart’s Invisible Furies which has been acclaimed as Boyne’s most beautiful yet painful to read book. I’m gonna start reading it today.

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